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Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, well before military was out of iraq and just after the supreme court issues citizens united decision, but before was utterly clear that the floodgates had been open so wide that we might be called the politics of the rich in america would soon become simply american politics. i called it, being a critic, all the world's a stage for s. in march 2010, i wrote about a group of pundits and more internalized, eager not to see the us military leave iraq. that appeared on the op-ed page of "the los angeles times" and the longer version and then began pondering the media world. one of its stopped curiously enough with the military newspaper, stars & stripes. from a military man can miss e-mailed response, rager article in stars & stripes beard was the last time you visited iraq? a critique and 15 well-chosen words, so much more effective than the one angry e-mails i get. his point is interesting. at least it interested me. after less than wrote back in the senate 65 who had never been anywhere near him back in and and undoubtedly never would be. i have to assume that e-mailer had spent some
Sep 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
fortified installations in iraq. it was professional. it was carried out in a professional fashion. it resulted in $200 million worth of loss to the american taxpayer. the greatest single act of destruction since the tet offense back during the vietnam war. in iraq -- in afghanistan, because of the attacks of afghan soldiers on american soldiers, we've had to suspend the operations between the military and police, between the two countries. if there is ever an indicator of failure of our policy in afghanistan, it is our now inability to even train with them to be ready to take over our -- the responsibilities that we now hold. there is no greater indication of the failure of the president of the united states to continue to tell not that we need -- the american people and the people of the world not that we need to succeed, not that we need to win, but that we need to withdraw. and so countries in the region have taken the lesson and have, are making accommodations. the fact is that we are now facing a collapse national security policy in the region, beginning, of course, with the
Sep 14, 2012 7:00pm EDT
to increase hiring and job turn for veterans, particularly those who served in afghanistan. and iraq. part of the problem was the republican said well, there are other things the government should be doing. they said this is a political exercise, that they don't necessarily need the governments help. senator rand paul is a real critic of the. he said he would just block the bill entirely for various reasons. he wanted to stop american aid to pakistan and killed they freed the physician help the united states find osama bin laden. in any event this tide of the senate all week. they appear to have reached an agreement and will vote on wednesday the 19th. >> the house finish up their work on the temper spending, the six months been built the continuing resolution that goes with this sentiment. what's the consensus on when the senate might get to? >> they were talking about wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. the senate wants to leave at the end of next week as they want to go home and campaign. they probably would there probably won't be huge controversy over the six-month extension. th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3